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Holiday in Lazio

Lazio is one of the most important in Italy for Italian culture, European and world for its contents as historical, artistic, archaeological, architectural, religious and cultural. The immense extraordinary legacy hosted by the city of Rome is just one among hundreds of points of interest between countries, churches, monasteries, monuments and various sites in the region.
The tourist sites in Rome, range time and forms, from archaeological sites, most notably the Roman Forum, monuments like the Colosseum with which the city is identified, the churches, that the Basilica of San Pietro in Vatican makes it the center of Catholicism, arches, bridges, fountains, walls and their doors, the monuments, squares and streets.
There are many archaeological sites visited in Latium, from the nearby Roman Ostia Antica, the Temple of Hercules at Cori, and then the seaside resorts of Gaeta, Sperlonga, Sabaudia, Terracina, Ponza and San Felice Circeo, the area of Lake Bracciano and Trevor Romano.
We also have the famous Castle and the Palazzo Chigi-Albani Orsini in Soriano nel Cimino, the famous Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola and the famous Castelli Romani, a group of countries south of Rome, close to the volcanic lakes of Albano and Nemi, often cited for the story to the delicious delicacies such as pork Ariccia.
In Lazio there are several sports facilities of international standing, built at events of global significance such as the Olympics in Rome. Among the plants is the Olympic Stadium in the Foro Italico sports complex, will take place in the structure of the home games, and Lazio Rome and is the home of athletics, but occasionally hosts pop concerts and events of various kinds. The Palalottomatica, situated in Rome in the euro zone, is instead the largest sports arena in Italy. The International Rome Film Festival, held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.
All the regional civil aviation, on the gravity of Fiumicino and Ciampino airports near the capital.
The region is one of the largest ports in Italy: the port of Civitavecchia, ferries to Sardinia.

Ville Casali offers some of the most beautiful villas are ideal for your holiday and double events.

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